Our Membership Community

The membership makeup is a critical component of America Makes. We leverage our nation’s brilliant technical minds from all corners of government, industry, and academia to create a hub of advanced manufacturing innovation in additive manufacturing/3D printing.

America Makes is a public-private membership organization providing vision, leadership, and tools to its members. Currently, we manage a portfolio of more than $100 million in public and private funds for advancing the additive manufacturing/3D printing industry.

America Makes members value their ability to:

Current Members

The America Makes member community represents a diverse group of organizations from across our nation that have a shared vision of accelerating additive manufacturing/3D printing into mainstream manufacturing.

We offer three levels of membership, featuring invaluable benefits for each tier. Today, our member community is more than 200 strong – and growing.

Silver Members
Gold Members
Platinum Members

Member Testimonials

Benefits of Being a Member

The following chart details the various levels of membership available with the corresponding benefits:

Access to new R&D funding through networking and resources ✔‏
Access to member-only data and resources (Digital Storefront)
Access to America Makes intellectual property (IP)
Access to consortium developed intellectual property for R&D
Lead project teams in America Makes project calls
Participate in America Makes directed project calls
Receive PDF versions of the Wohlers Report 1 1 3
Participate in the America Makes @Program
Access to discounted or free services (Service Vouchers)
Attend member-only events  ✔
Participate in America Makes Roadmap activities ✔‏
Serve on America Makes’ advisory and working groups ✔‏  ✔
Gain priority placement of interns or fellows at America Makes ✔‏
Embed employees at America Makes facility
Use of consortium developed IP for commercialization
Hold Governance board seat
Receive complimentary silver membership for gifting Discounted
Obtain royalty-free use of consortium developed IP for commercialization

NOTE: These descriptions are provided as an overview only and are subject to change. Complete details about all member benefits are contained in the membership agreement.

If you have questions regarding membership, contact our Membership Director.

America Makes @Program

It is America Makes’ desire to establish more relationships with more organizations, working to advance the AM industry and making membership a more feasible option.

The @Program offers cost share credits in lieu of the annual membership dues for those activities in which members are likely already working on and that align to the mission objectives of America Makes.

Become a Member

If your organization is U.S.-based and would like to become a member:

  1. Complete and submit the Membership Request Form in its entirety.
  2. America Makes leadership will review the request form to ensure compliance with our requirements.
  3. Upon approval of the request form, complete the issued Membership Agreement.
  4. Submit payment and/or a cost share report. (For cost share assistance view the Cost Share FAQs or contact us.)
  5. Your membership is then active. Congrats!  The Welcome Guide will help you get started.

If your organization is foreign-owned with U.S. operations, or if you have questions regarding membership, please contact our Membership Director.

Membership Request Form