Technology Roadmap Overview

America Makes developed the Additive Manufacturing Technology Roadmap to identify measurable and meaningful challenges that, when met, promote inquiry, knowledge-sharing, and technical advancements across the industry.

To create this Roadmap, America Makes held in-person workshops and activities where members engaged in a series of methodologies to generate and categorize industry needs. Working in teams, they documented hundreds of needs statements and identified affinities among them that ultimately converged on a curated set of project concepts.

America Makes Governance Board Members then convened to prioritize the project concepts and plot them on an impact-difficulty matrix. The outcome resulted in the successful identification by America Makes of concepts that are most suitable for public-private partnership projects, versus those that are better suited for industry to tackle.

The resulting America Makes Additive Manufacturing Technology Roadmap is broken down into the following five technical focus areas:

The Design focus area of the Roadmap is aimed at driving technological advancements in new and novel non-proprietary design methods and tools required to enable a culture change and break the cycle of designing additive manufacturing parts like cast or machined parts.

This area includes roadmap gap closure solution ideas that avoid being constrained by fundamental limitations associated with current CAD/CAM/CAE/PLM tools and design practices that were originally developed for conventional manufacturing processes.

The technical focus and associated impact analysis metrics for this area include:

    • complexity exploitation,
    • 3D functionally graded materials,
    • multi-material integration,
    • model-based inspection, and
    • product individualization and customization.

Members can access the complete technology roadmap by logging into the America Makes Digital Storefront.

DoD Integrated Additive Manufacturing Roadmap Overview

This integrated DoD Additive Manufacturing (AM) Roadmap provides a foundation and framework for focusing any desired collaboration and coordination of the DoD’s activities in AM to systematically and efficiently mature the technology for multiple DoD applications. Individuals and organizations may utilize this strategic document to identify areas of focus and address roadmap objectives and technology elements together, where appropriate and beneficial.

To create this AM Roadmap America Makes and Deloitte conducted several roadmapping workshops with participants from Army, DLA, DON, and USAF. During these workshops,  four key enablers (non-technology factors/needs crucial to the eventual success of DoD AM efforts) were identified:

  • Cultural Change Increasing knowledge of and comfort with AM, driving institutional acceptance.
  • Workforce Development Readying the DoD workforce (acquisition, R&D, manufacturing, etc.) with the skills to harness AM.
  • Data Management Developing the policies, architectures, and procedures to properly manage massive, multimodal AM data.
  • Policy Change Modifying organizational governance to realize the benefits of AM.

DoD Integrated Roadmap

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